Woman Documents Her Dog’s Last Day On Earth, And It’s Heartbreakingly Beautiful

On the last day of her life, this dog lived out all of her dreams—and broke all of our hearts. 


Hannah the pit bull/Labrador retriever mix has lived her last 11 years with her owner, Kyle Amick. And while she has lived a good life, Amick knew that her time was coming.


Hannah has been struggling with hip problems for the past year, and things took a turn for the worse about two months ago.


The medication she had been taking to soothe her pain started causing seizures and harming her internal organs, but Hannah suffered without them.


Eventually Amick decided that the best thing for Hannah was to end her suffering.


As difficult a decision as it was, Amick was determined to make Hannah’s last day on Earth a special one.


“Hannah Bear was my best friend and by far the greatest dog I’ve had in my life,” Amick told BuzzFeed News. “Making the choice to part with her won’t ever leave my heart.”


First thing on the list was a trip to PetSmart, where Amick works, so she could get an aromatherapy bath and a special “beauty mark.”


“I wanted Hannah to have a day to herself, be a queen one last time,” she continued.


She also got one last meal…


…and one last play date with Vinny, her best friend of nearly nine years.


When playing got to be too much effort for her, Amick took Hannah inside to give her a pedicure and cuddle with her for a while.


Before long, the time came when Amick knew it was time to go. Hannah took her final car ride, sitting close to her beloved human, a smile on her face.


Amick posted her Snapchat photos documenting Hannah’s final day on Facebook, and within a day her story went viral with over 100,000 shares.


“I really wasn’t quite sure at first if I liked that thought or not,” Amick said about Hannah’s newfound fame. “It’s been hard to log on and see her all over, but I’m glad she’s touching so many hearts.

“She held mine for so many years and still does.”



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