Where every purchase helps an animal in need.

Here at Artwork For Animals, you can get a commissioned pencil drawing, colored pencil drawing, or watercolor painting of your pet handmade from your photos, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to PetSmart Charities, a foundation that benefits animal shelters across the country.

Personalized portraits are a great way to remember and honor a pet who has passed away, and they also make terrific gifts for any animal lover in your life.

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About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Katie! I’ve been an animal lover my entire life, and I’ve also been drawing animals for over 20 years. I enjoy spending my free time drawing and painting animals, writing about animals, volunteering at my local animal shelter, and watching YouTube videos of unlikely animal friendships.

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Watercolor Paintings

Each watercolor painting is hand-painted just for you from your own photos, and it’s a fun and colorful way to showcase your pet’s personality.

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Pencil Drawings

Each personalized, hand-drawn sketch made from your photos is classic and timeless, and it’ll make a great addition to any room in the home.

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Colored Pencil Drawings

You can also purchase a custom colored pencil drawing of your pet, and it’s another way to remember your four-legged friend forever.

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  • Can I get a custom drawing or painting of my pet?
    • Yes! Please place your order here, then either contact me through Etsy or send me an email at artworkforanimals@gmail.com.
    • In your message, please include a high-quality photograph with good lighting so that I can include as much detail as possible.
    • When you order, it’s also helpful to include anything you’d like me to know or details you’d like me to focus on (e.g. if the photo is a full-body picture but you’d like me to just draw a headshot, if your dog is wearing a collar but you don’t want me to include it in the portrait, etc.)
  • How much does custom art cost?
    • Prices range from $19.99 (for a 4×6) to $49.99 (for a 9×12) depending on the size you order.
    • Also, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase will be donated back to PetSmart Charities to help homeless animals in need!
  • What size are the drawings and paintings?
    • The sizes available are:
      • 4×6 ($19.99)
      • 5×7 ($24.99)
      • 8×10 ($39.99)
      • 9×12 ($49.99)
  • Are there size requirements for images of my pets?
    • There are no size requirements, but the larger and clearer the photo is, the better. That way I can include every detail of your four-legged friend. However, if you don’t have a clear photo, I’m more than willing to try to work with any photographs you have.
  • Can you include more than one pet in each drawing/painting?
    • Because I like to include as much detail as possible in each portrait, I am only able to include one pet per drawing/painting in the smaller sizes.
    • However, I am able to include two pets per drawing/painting in larger sizes (8×10 or 9×12).
  • How long until I receive my artwork?
    • It takes me approximately 3-5 days to complete each piece, and I’ll ship it to you after I finish.
  • Do you draw/paint all types of pets?
    • I specialize in dogs, but I am happy to draw/paint any type of pet you have.
  • Can I see the artwork before I receive it?
    • Yes! After I finish the piece, I will send you a photograph so that you can let me know if you’d like me to make any changes before I ship it.
  • What if I still have other questions?

Happy Customers

See what happy pet parents are saying about their custom artwork.

I absolutely LOVE my drawings! Katie made two drawings of my beloved senior pups, Henry and Naomi. They look so realistic and lifelike, and I even teared up a bit when I saw them! Katie was also so easy to work with and finished the drawings way quicker than expected. Will be ordering from her again!

Sophie Turner

This drawing turned out beautifully! Katie did a drawing of my parents’ dog, Indy, who they had to put down last month after 14 years. They were so touched when they saw the drawing they were in tears! They were devastated to lose Indy, but this drawing is a beautiful way to remember him forever.

Anna Harrison

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